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AUTOMOTIVE BRANDS / LOGO || Branding Tyre Decor

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Full Description

    • Customized Ever Lasting rubber stickers For Tyres. Everyone can mark their personality trait / name / brand to their Bike,Car,SUVs.
    • It has designed for all Type & size of Tyre
    • Tyre Decor recommend pasting the stickers close to the rim to avoid external damage.

Application Guides :

-Application Guide(Manual Includes With Each Order)


Tyre Decor kit includes:

- 4 Stickers of BMW

- 4 Sets of Color Strips

- 8 Side Wall (Strips )

- Installation Permanent Adhesive

- Cleaning Brush

- Cleaning Agent Spray Bottle (Liquid Cleaner not Included*)

- Instructional Guide

- Double Sided Tape


Additional Requirement & Notes

Please Leave a note of Tyre Size For example, 205/55/R15


205 indicates the normal section width of the tyre in millimetres (205mm).

55 indicates its aspect ratio, a comparison of the tyres section height with its

section width (55 indicates the height is 55% of its width).

R15indicates the nominal diameter of the wheel rim (15 inches).


For Aspect Ratio 55 - Recommended Decal Height - 1" (25.4mm or 2.54 CM)



Tags - BMW, Tyredecor


For custom designs or any additional requirement please go back orContact Us.



-Tyre Decor is not affiliated with any tyre manufactures brand

- We only provide sticker kits that install on your tyre